How and why did the craters form is mystifying even to scientists today. One can only guess – maybe they are a a sink hole, remnants of the dinosaur era, an after mark of a volcanic eruption steam hole, or were they man made? Scientists and all who visit continue to scratch their heads in amazement and are baffled as to how they came to exist! 

There are 35 unusually shaped craters which were found in 1971 by a previous owner ploughing his field to plant zucchinis. Scientists date these Mystery Craters to be about 25 million years old. They are a unique mixture of sandstone and ochre. Some of the craters hold water, whilst others rise and fall over time while some do not hold water at all, which means they do not link up!

Get a birds eye view of these mysterious craters from the public viewing platform, allowing you to look directly down on these unexplained crater holes. You can even have your very own voice guided tour of the craters thanks to our automated guide. It is a definite bucket list tick off.

Can you solve the mystery?